XII CIS and Baltic Region Bond Congress

May 21—22, 2015, Baku
Jumeirah Bilgah Beach Hotel Baku (94 Gelebe Street,Bilgah District, AZ1122)
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Conferences of Cbonds-Congress are more than just conferences...

Cbonds conferences traditionally boast a rich informal programme allowing conference delegates to continue socializing in casual and relaxed atmosphere

Baku Sightseeing Tour

While on a walking tour around the historic part of the old city called Icheri Sheher you will have an opportunity to see the main city gate Gosha Gala Gapysy, the legendary Maiden Tower (Gyz Galasy), fortress walls, medieval baths, caravanserais, craftsmen’s workshops, carpet and antique stores and the Palace of the Shirvanshahs, the most mysterious and magnificent landmark in Baku.

The city walk creates a special atmosphere as that these are the places where the oriental city from the legendary Soviet comedy “Diamond Arm” was shot. Everybody will be able to recall the famous movie scenes and take pictures in Kichik Gala Street where the characters played by Yury Nikulin and Andrey Mironov slipped and fell by the smuggler’s pharmacy letting out a cry, “Chert poberi!”.

The final destination of the tour is the Art Garden Restaurant, the gala dinner venue.







Gala Dinner in Art Garden Restaurant

After the sightseeing tour we are pleased to invite you to the gala dinner in the Art Garden Restaurant located within the walls of Kichik Caravanserai close to the Maiden Tower, Market Square and Baba Kuhi Bakuvi Mosque.

The Art Garden is a wonderful place filled with the spirit of time and Azeri history; it seems to be the very place to plunge into Baku’s past. The restaurant serves traditional dishes cooked following ancient recipes.

The gala dinner will feature the national dagger dance, oriental dance and a unique workshop with an artist painting with crude oil!