XI Russia Risk Conference

November 13, 2015, Moscow
Technopolis (42-5, Volgogradsky Ave.)
Conference complete
Surname, organisation, position Title Download file
1 Dmitry Alexandrov, Deputy CEO - Head of Analytical Research, Univer Capital What to expect from the oil market. The main scenarios download presentation (644 Кб)
2 Viacheslav Arbuzov, Prognoz HFT and Tick size download presentation (1 514 Кб)
3 Aleksander Karminskiy, Consultant, Gazprombank Book Credit ratings and their modeling download presentation (2 741 Кб)
4 Konstantin Korischenko, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, GIFA download presentation (1 032 Кб)
5 Alan Laubsch, Head, FNA Lab, FNA Age of Disruption Russia 1.2 download presentation (5 013 Кб)
6 Maxim Lyskov, Misys Fusion Risk download presentation (2 658 Кб)
7 Alexander Ovchinnikov, Movchan Advisors The domestic market of public debt download presentation (1 227 Кб)
8 Richard Olsen, Lykke Decentralized Protocols and Future of Financial Markets download presentation (387 Кб)
9 Alexey Sokolov, Finam Private investors and the stock market download presentation (522 Кб)