Online Seminar: «Financial Markets before the US election and during the second Covid wave»

October 28, 2020, Online
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Video of the seminar is available here

Since 2010 Cbonds has been arranging engaging events devoted to capital markets, bringing industry professionals together to share their expertise.

This year the event has been transformed into an online format, giving professionals and private investors everywhere the chance to join the discussion.

Andreas Bickel, Chief Investment Officer at Blackfort Capital will give his thoughts on financial markets before the US election and during the second Covid wave, and cover following topics:
- Fed and ECB urge for fiscal stimulus to achieve higher average inflation
- Why we need fiscal stimulus: A way out of the balance sheet recession
- US election: The equity market (still) bets on Trump
- What is the expected impact of a Biden win versus a continuation with Trump
- New Covid-19 cases: Europe overtakes the US
- Global Covid-19 situation: Most Asia economies have it under control
- US market outlook: higher volatility followed by a fiscal driven rally?
Languages:  English
Expected number of participants:  200

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  • Veselova Lana
    International Partnership, Cbonds Group
  • Bickel Andreas
    Chief Investment Officer, Blackfort Capital
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