Online Seminar "MMT Insights on Inflation and Central Bank Policies: What Bond Investors Should Know"

November 11, 2021, 9 AM Eastern Time (2 PM GMT)
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Join Cbonds, the University of Missouri-Kansas City and GISP as we take a closer look at fixed income investing in the current economic climate.

Rising inflation rates are causing heightened levels of anxiety across developed markets long accustomed to stability. How do we best navigate these troubled waters?

Economics Professors Scott Fullwiler and Fadhel Kaboub will discuss the current inflation risk when investing in bonds and explore ways to mitigate it.

They will consider the current economic situation, and examine the actions of central banks and the effects these will have on the bond market and wider macroeconomic situation. They will evaluate these decisions through the prism of Modern Monetary Theory; and apply the latest economic research to the practicalities of making informed investment decisions during uncertain times.

Cbonds’ International Partnership Manager, Will Clark, will moderate the discussion, and invite attendees to pose their own questions and concerns to the presenters following the initial presentation.

Practical considerations will include:

• Is it possible to beat inflation by investing in bonds?
• Will inflation get worse? What are the current signs telling us?
• Are certain markets going to fair better than others? Will nation states with sovereign currencies, such as the US and UK, fare better than the Eurozone, even if they have borrowed more extensively in their Covid responses?
• Do governments look like they have taken lessons of MMT responses to the crisis, or are they reverting to the tried and tested policies of the past?
• How does the current labor market situation fit in to everything?

Attendance is free of charge, so reserve your place today and join the discussion!
Languages:  English
Expected number of participants:  200

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  • Fullwiler Scott
    Professor, University of Missouri-Kansas City
  • Clark William
    International Partnership Manager: UK/US Markets, Cbonds Group
  • Kaboub Fadhel
    Assosiate Professor of Economics, Denison University
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